What you don’t listen to but you should

This time : PODCASTS

If I actually in any way attracted you to visit this page, I want to give back something that maybe would make wasting one of the million guaranteed clicks of you mouse worth it (unless you’re so crazy/lazy to browse only with the keyboard, in that case I could care less about paying you back).

So while I assume you know what a podcast is, and you probably listen to some (maybe even as you’re reading this) I’d like you point in a direction of a few shows that you might enjoy.

To make it even easier I’ll break those down into categories – Tech, Games, and All Around. Since I learned the alphabet a good few years ago, I’ll go over them in alphabetical order.

Buckle up ’cause we’re taking a ride to a few far off corners of the internets…

All Around

Extra Life Radio
Simple formula – three hosts, over an hour of time, and an assortment of random topics ranging from the movies through cats to itching buttocks, results with regularly ensuing hilarity. Scott Johnson (of Extra Life fame), Obisidian (of Commissioned) and Brian Dunway (Mission Deep and Comics Coast To Coast) make up the long (over 2 years) standing trio of great personalities, that are all great on their own but only unleash their great podcasting power when they put together the 3 rings of…… Wow! Rathole! What I want to say – they’re best when served together.
Extra Life Radio

Jawbone Radio
You may haven’t heard about ELR, but if you use the Web for a longer time you must’ve heard about Len and Nora who podcast from their home’s attic talking about everything really. Kids to superhero movies, wasp nests to zombie drawings. While Len is the family’s geek, Nora is his calm headed counterpart. Tune in, just to experience the incredible chemistry between the two.
Jawbone Radio

Nobody’s Listening
Join James and his ever changing co-hosts to listen to some great life stories about riding bikes, flying mattresses, or scaring kids at church camps. Laugh while they go trough the regular segments of the Weekly Update and Featured Story, be amazed at the stories sent through V And E-mail, and enjoy the Recap Song at the end of every episode.
Nobody’s Listening


1UP Yours
Consisting of Garnett Lee, John Davidson, and Shane Bettenhausen, the 1UP Yours crew once again sets out to find a fourth chair man. After losing Luke Smith (now at Bungie) and Mark MacDonald (who after working at GameVideos decided that he needs a break from the geek/nerdom and after releasing a fake press release went out to travel) the great three needs find another host to complete the Fantastic Foursome, meanwhile filling the gaps by pulling in guests like other 1UP editors or other game industry workers (lately – Bill Roper of Flagship Studios) to, while sitting around a table enjoying “interesting” beverages, talk about what they’ve been playing, news, what the 1UP message boards have to say, or any other topic that comes to mind. So if you want start of your weekend good – kick it off with 1UP Yours.

EGM Live* and GFW Radio
Two podcasts. Two magazines. Consoles and PC’s. Man God and Whisky Nerd/Ralphie. Starring the editorial staff of Electronic Gaming Monthly and Games For Windows Magazine both podcasts give a less or more focused insight at the latest, and the not so latest happenings in the gaming world. Plus hilarity and hijinks, because that’s what you’re really listening to them for. Ranging from the Game.com “Batman and Robin” to dramatic readings of “epic” posts from message boards, those two shows bring information and fun condensed into one on a weekly basis. And you should listen to them on a weekly basis. Because the cake is a lie…

All three above mentioned podcasts can be found on the Podcast page of 1UP

Player One Podcast
Started from scratch, hosted by an ex-EGM editor, Chris Johnston and his Canadian friend, freelancer Greg Stewart, who are joined by a teacher, Phil Theobald, and Halo fan/freelancer/contributing editor to 1UP.com Dan Dormer, the Player One Podcast brings you all the dead Xbox 360’s you need! Not really. There is some Red Ring of Death talk but it’s all more about the useless trivia, vintage game quotes, playing off of each other, and maybe the unique look at latest games and news. And lots and lots of sarcastic remarks. So if you’re always in for a good laugh, and want to know more about a videogames, immediately subscribe to Player One.
Player One Podcast

The Instance
Scott Johnson strikes again! This time with the help of Texas-based Randy Deluxe who advanced from a contributor to a host, they dissect all the news coming from the World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment in general. Listen in as they discuss patches, in-game events, the official WoW forums, sacks (not bags!) and lots more. Enjoy the contributed segments, e-mails, calls and get your portion tips, tricks, and insight on both the early- and end-game. Plus, the regular “now I have to…”
The Instance


Buzz Out Loud
The absolute basic. Monday trough Friday, every week you get a half hour to fifty minutes of tech news spiced up with personalities of Tom Merritt and Molly Wood. Listen as they discuss the day’s news, answer listener questions, and rant on the topic at hand. Find out why AT&T is one day good and the other bad, is Apple a monopoly, and why Molly needs a pimp. Short and sweet, just don’t try to call in a message while you’re driving. Or else…
Buzz Out Loud

Also now by it’s full name – This Week in Tech, the flagship of the TWiT network is still going strong. From the humble beginnings of a recorded tableside discussion to one of the most influential podcasts (or netcasts as the host of all things TWiT, Leo Laporte, prefers to call them) on the Internet. Every Sunday midnight you can (if you’re that inclined to not to wait until Monday morning) download and listen to a panel discussion about the week’s most important tech news sprinkled with occasional veers off the topic at hand which are just unavoidable with the panel of great personalities including John C Dvorak, Patrick Norton, Will Harris and many guests panelist changing with every episode. It’s like a cherry on the top your tech news week cake.

MacBreak Weekly
Another TWiT production. This time, despite the title, not only about Macs but about all things Apple including iPods, the iPhone, the MacOS, apps, or even Apple’s stock price but those discussions are always preceded by an, oh so needed, disclaimer. Hosted by Leo Laporte and a panel of Mac enthusiasts including Andy Ihnatko, Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, Chris Breen, and others coming in and out appropriately to the occasion. Tune in to hear them talk about the week’s news and rumors and go down random ratholes. So if there is a Mac in your life, you’re thinking about brining one in, or if you don’t, you should give MacBreak a listen.
MacBreak Weekly

Cranky Geeks
Listen in as the before mentioned TWiT panelist John C Dvorak, his co-host (or co-crank, though he might be getting not enough cranky for the title) Sebastian Rupley and various guests give their cranky view on the topics at hand. Find out why you can’t print money on your home printer, why a Mac is more appropriate than a PC and vice versa, and what they think about politics not knowing how to use e-mail. All with right for them expertise and crankiness. So crank your crankiness (geddit?) up to 11, and enjoy some Cranky Geeks.
Cranky Geeks

The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy is not exactly a podcast. Begging as a radio show hosted by Leo Laporte, and ending up as an MP3 for you to enjoy, it talks about tech news but it’s really focused on the listeners who call into the show with their problems (mainly), comments, and suggestions. Get to know about things ranging from why you shouldn’t open e-mail attachments to how to create Linux-based house-wide Wi-Fi iTunes network. Between that load up on knowledge about photography, home theater, web security or gadgets coming to you straight from Leo’s friend experts. All in bigger than bite size format of 2 hours filled with information.
The Tech Guy

That pretty much wraps it up. I hope I justified the time you spent reading this, and if I did – go tell you’re friends, maybe they will find here something that they would like too. Or if you want, I’d be interested to hear what you’re favorite podcasts (if you have any) are so maybe I can download even more audio every week.


3 Responses to “What you don’t listen to but you should”

  1. 30 October, 2007 at 8:52 pm

    Thanks so much for the write up! I’m honored to be listed amongst some of my own heroes in podcasting!

  2. 30 October, 2007 at 9:34 pm

    My pleasure. That’s a nice start for comments as for me.

  3. 9 November, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    Loved that list – i already listen to about 70% of those (Scott Johnson is a great podcaster – his 80’s cartoon Extra Life show from a couple of years ago is what made me take notice of podcasts in the first place).

    The only podcast i feel is missing from this list is Diggnation – Alex and Kevin are like rock stars now (as their recent london show will attest) and they are hysterical

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