Heads up!

Don’t worry, that bruise will come off quickly. Train your reflex for the next time. And yeah. I wanted to drop by, and drop a line (ubergeek joke: “I know, RAID-1”). Since Christmas is coming up (I celebrate Christmas, if you celebrate anything else, go ahead, just don’t kill any rubber chickens in the procces) I’m going to have some time to write up a few posts in advance (if I manage to not play Guitar Hero III all day) which I will release on a, I hope, regular basis. Expect some gaming and around gaming, heavy music, podcast, tech and maybe some book talk. I think I have something to say about Gertsmanngate for a good start. Maybe a nice summary of the past or of the future. I got a few ideas written down, but please don’t expect the podcasts post times 15. That was a perfect storm. And painful to read trough for some I presume.
Hail the rubber chicken!


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