Reisinger: Why Nintendo can do no wrong with the DS

The story from The Digital Home

Right of the bat I have to say I can’t disagree with the story itself. Nintendo hit a jackpot with the DS which trumps the sales numbers even of the Wii, and is the handheld of choice for the masses. And with many great games, and series thereof (including, of course, all of the well known Nintendo franchises) there is a reason for it’s popularity. That said, I have to take issuse with two things that Mr. Reisinger said in his article (quotes in bold text):

(..)Nintendo contends that complete or demo DS games will be made available for download on the Wii and can then be transferred to the DS wirelessly. And while this sounds somewhat like Sony’s ill-conceived idea of PSP integration with the PS3, Nintendo’s idea is not only a far more important step forward(..)
Huh? I agree that it’s great that Nintendo decided to bring out that service, it’s a great value add for people who own both systems. But I can’t really agree with the statement that integrating the PSP with the PS3 is in any way ill-concived. Getting over the fact that Mr. Reisinger does not argument that statement in any way, shape or form, comparing both systems on a theoretical level, I can say that both have it’s ups and downs. With Sony’s products you can download demos and classic games, stream music and movies, or even play on the PS3 with the PSP (vide: Lair). Of course this lacks the ability to buy full, new releases but you don’t know what Sony has up it’s sleeve. The Nintendo systems have, when connected, the ability to interact with some Wii games with the DS, and download demos, and now full games, to the handheld. One can argue that either one is superior, but I don’t want to breach on the fanboy’s wars territory. Besides how can it really be a step forward on Nintendo’s part, when already admitted that Sony was the first to utilize that funcionality in that way (because who can forget the impossible scenari when 3 of your friends have GBAs and want to play Crystal Chronicles with you)

(..)Is the PSP still hanging around? Sure. But for how long can we expect that junker to try and make a mark in the mobile market?(..)
Actually, it already did. And then again with the PSP2000. And will again when Crysis Core comes out in English. Of course, it is obvious that it won’t repeat the succes of the DS, but it has made a mark, and has some great games. And is a great portable video player. And you can browse the web on it, without having to pay for the browser as opposed to the DS. That, and the PS3 connectivity definetly don’t make up a “junker”.

Just to be clear – I don’t have anything against Mr. Resinger, and I think you should definetly go read the whole story, but I just disagree with some of his points, and since everyone is empowered to blog whatever they want – I decided to write a rebuttal, which, most likley, no one will read anyway. Oh well, here’s a picture of a kitty to cool down the anger.
DS lolcat


1 Response to “Reisinger: Why Nintendo can do no wrong with the DS”

  1. 1 James
    1 June, 2008 at 5:46 am

    It does seem a bit unproffesional that he would make such a comment about the PSP and interactivity with PS3 then offer no explaination on how or why he reached that conclusion. Struck me wrong for that alone.

    I also disagree with his point that Nintendo could jack the price on the system and its games and we’d all still be slobbering over it. I myself have bought 2 DS systems, an original when it came out and my wife a DS Lite, and even both of those were AFTER the $20 price drop. Yes, it’s a good value for a gamer, in my unprofessional opinion, but anything over the $150 mark for a handheld is something I won’t be toting around. And as for the games being priced any higher, he’s obviously not in touch with my level. If I had a choice between buying Nintendogs or GTA IV and both were the same price, I doubt my money would be supporting Nintendo any longer, my gaming would lie elsewhere. Good gaming is good gaming, but money is still a factor in my life, no matter how good the game may be.

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