fantasyh does not give out his, nor he cares about yours, real name. He does live in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe (probably Poland) but does not give a damn about where you do. Right now he still goes to school, intensively learning German but he does not want to talk about the Third Reich, Hitler, berliners, or bradwursts (neither in English nor German). He is an avid metal listener (some sources speak of In Flames as his favourite band), and plays guitar, sometimes both at the same time. When he’s not busy headbanging he also is a fan of many podcasts including BuzzOutLoud, TWiT, ELR, 1up Yours, and MacBreakWeekly (though the only Apple product he has ever owned is an iPod Nano). Sometimes he also takes off the headphones he also reads books (a fuzzy picture shows names like Tolkien, Grisham, Pilipiuk, or Sapkowski) and video game magazines.

Even a bad quality picture is not available.

You may try to contact him:

E-Mail – fantasyoosh at gmail com

Skype – fantasyh

Don’t raise hopes, though.


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