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Top 5 of my for 31.10.2008

I want to get in a habit of updating the blog at least once every week with something. This was the first idea that came to mind so sit right back and I’ll tell you about 5 great songs of this week:

In Flames – Take This Life

Not much to say here. Great, energetic, fast paced song that does not slow down. I loved it anew after when IF played it at the end of the show in Dresden, after Anders announcing it said “It’s Take This Life, and it’s our love song to you [the fans]”.

Children Of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet

The title track of their 2005 album. It’s straight up COB. There’s a strong rhythm to kick it off, there’s strong bass, there are riffs up the wazoo, and there’s Alexi spewing out lyrics. The only thing this song lack is more input from Warmann. And don’t forget the solo.

Mastodon – Blood And Thunder

Awesome song from a very interesting album. As far as I can Leviathan is a concept album based Moby Dick (if you think that that’s a porn movie with the bald musician that you should be ashamed). And that basically equals awesome. The songs starts with a nice, rocky/groovy rhythm and keeps is up while the vocalist does his magic. Said magic is preformed with a low, growling, raspy yet still understandable vocals combined with the Moby Dick lyrics. If you’ve heard the song before on the soundtrack for Need For Speed : Most Wanted and liked it, then definitely get the whole album.

AC/DC – Rock And Roll Train

What is there to say? It’s AC/DC. It’s people that could be your grandfather still rocking the f’ out. The song is all classic AC/DC all the time. There’s Angus with a stop/start riff. There’s Brian Johnson rocking his classic taxi driver cap and vocals that haven’t changed one bit and lyrics there are there more to fit the music than to carry some higher meaning. All you can want from AC/DC.

In Flames – Jotun

If you’re into death metal (and by that I mean swedish melodic death metal, not uber br00tal hardcorz Slipknot or some other shit that you kids think makes you a badass) and you haven’t heard this song, then get f’ out and listen to it. Now! I’ll wait….. Done? Is you face still on? No? Good.


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